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We are a Cloud-Based E-procurement platform aimed to satisfy the requirements of all IT buyers within any size organization and supply their vendor base with an easy to use quoting system for generating more sales and increasing customer service. We transpose your existing procurement process and suppliers into a digital automated platform, leading to better procurement efficiency, transparency, market knowledge and ultimately cost savings.


Our collection of IT SKU’s includes substitutes and replacements and is by design one of the largest databases of its kind. Our strategic web placement has garnered Google hits globally. When coupled with your inventory a single scalable platform for increased sales and procurement emerges.


Our reporting is in Real time, allowing you to explore your business requirements quickly and easily. QuoteTool will help you better understand your business via market Trend reports, buying trends, Sales, expense and budgets reports on a minute by minute basis.


In paper form the procurement process can take some organizations days. Getting pricing, required approvals, then finally buying can be a daunting task. Our automated platform helps to drive efficiency into your process. We can transform your Two day process into a 15 min one, from start to shipment.


Ever wonder if all your procurement process rules are being followed? QuoteTool will take your procurement process and automate them in such a way that we insure that process is followed. Thus providing peace of mind in knowing that integrity exists in your procurement decisions.


When provided with the ability to understand your organizational buying habits large and small and the confidence that processes are being followed, Transparency and cost control is a foregone conclusion. By coupling QuoteTool's services and reports, insights into your organization will have never been this clear.


It has never been this easy. Requirements are communicated to all required parties both in the software and via email. Request for Quote, purchases, sales order and tracking all neatly organized for quick access. We haven’t even mentioned the instant messaging feature.


From small firms to enterprise customers, QuoteTool will adapt to your procurement process, or help you improve on what you already do. Add as many or a little process steps as you like. Drive your organization into the automated digital world of procurement.


Our Purpose is simple, to drive efficiency, checks and balances, and cost controls into your procurement process. All while providing your suppliers a quick, easy, efficient and effective platform to deliver you pricing, availability, order information, and the customer service you deserve.


Our goal is to cut organizational costs, not increase them. For this reason QuoteTool is available to procurement teams for FREE. Drive your procurement, manage your vendor base, connect your entire organizational chart efficiently without spending a dime.
SMB Procurement - On Target and in Budget
By Kevin Joss (Admin) |
Solution providers like SAP and IBM surely have a Titanic procurement solution; inclusive of all the bells and whistles (Artificially intelligent reporting, process integration, supplier communication) the problem is these solutions also likely come with a Titanic price tag that will act as the Ice burg to sink your organizational ship.
Moving into 2017 - Cost Savings Amplified
By Kevin Joss (Admin) |
"organizational participation grew to 143 separate companies, with 218 active users. Our website hits are now averaging approximately 1000 hits per week or just over 4500 hits a month"
How much does that Pen cost?
By Kevin Joss (Admin) |
if you could save your company $20,000.00 on Pens, then how about post-it notes, toilet paper, notebooks, and paperclips?

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