Item Number: 00064301


Manufacturer: OKI

Model: N/A

Summary: 4MB Flash SIMM with OkiFlash Software

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Full Description:

Flash SIMMs can store forms, special fonts, digital signatures and other electronic objects in the printer, improving performance and productivity.
OkiFlash software is used to upload electronic objects onto the Flash SIMM.
Flash SIMMs are user-installable and are compatible with most OKI Digital LED Printers.

Compatible With:
OKIPAGE 10ex, OKIPAGE 10i, OKIPAGE 10i/n, OKIPAGE 12i, OKIPAGE 20, OKIPAGE 20DX, OKIPAGE 20DX/n, OKIPAGE 10e - Refurbished Monochrome Printer, OKIPAGE 12in, OKIPAGE 18, OKIPAGE 18n, OKIPAGE 24DX, OKIPAGE 24DXn, OKICOLOR 8, OKICOLOR 8n, OKICOLOR 8, 120V (English), OKICOLOR 8n, 120V (English), OKICOLOR 8n Convenience Color Copier System, OKIPAGE 14i, 230v (Multilingual), OKIPAGE 14i, 120v (Multilingual), OKIPAGE 14ex, OKIPAGE 14ex, 230v (Multilingual), OKIPAGE 14ex, 120v (Multilingual), OKIPAGE 14e, OKIPAGE 14e, 230v (Multilingual), OKIPAGE 14e, 120v (Multilingual), OKIPAGE 14i/n, OKIPAGE 14i/n, without 2nd Tray, OKIPAGE 10i - Refurbished Overnight Exchange Printer, OKIPAGE 12i - Refurbished Overnight Exchange Printer, OKIPAGE 10e - Refurbished Monochrome Printer

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