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Quotetool Explained - Volume 2

(Based on feedback from a recent survey of our existing QuoteTool Users.)

Volume 1 covered the Multi-vendor feature, Inventory Feature and Reporting Feature for the Buyers. 

One of the major component’s to any sales procurement relationship is communication, within orders, or simply to say hi. Here’s what QT has done!

Communication  - Let’s Talk

Suzie is one of 5 buyers for a large elevator maintenance and service company. Daily she receives work orders from her Field technicians via email, she determines what parts are required, she emails her inventory team to make sure that the part isn’t already in stock in one of their warehouses. If the part is required she emails her requirement to an email list of suppliers that are approved by her organization for a quote. 

She is often in communication via email and occasionally by phone with multiple departments within her organization and her suppliers. 

When things are slow, her suppliers will call to chat or send her an email to find out what’s going on, when things are busy her email box fills up sometimes requiring her to write long emails to answer simple questions. 

Above and beyond all of this, there is always the search. If something goes wrong, Suzie needs to spend the time to go back and file through emails to determine if it was her error or the supplier’s error. 

Communication is important but can it be done more efficiently?

QuoteTool as a Communication Solution

In Suzie’s Case communication is clearly important. Here is how things would be different for her using the QuoteTool application. 

Internal Instant Messaging inside and outside an order

Suzie is one of 5 buyers for a large Elevator Maintenance and Service Company.
Daily she receives work orders electronically from the field technicians that automatically notify her of available internal inventory available, and of parts that require purchase via her list of authorized suppliers who are also members of the tool. 

When she has questions about the work order or needs someone from her organization to double check inventory availability she uses this unique messaging feature that allows her to ask a question directly to her colleague inside the work order. These messages are instant, can be seen and responded to from any type of device, and are tracked in the work order for future reference, thus eliminating hours of searching for answers if something should go wrong. 

Suzie sometimes runs into issues with her orders as well; delays in delivery, questions about the requirement from her suppliers, technical questions about installations etc. 

In these instances, she uses the messaging tool to communicate with her suppliers inside a Purchase order which is attached to the work order. This unique feature then makes her request public to the rest of her team, so Suzie doesn’t need to answer the same questions to multiple people because they can simply see the correspondence with the supplier themselves. All responses are tracked and saved within the work order and related purchase orders for future reference. 

I almost forgot the best part!  Last Thursday was Suzie Birthday, she’s only been using QT for about 6 months but the love she felt that day from all of her colleagues and suppliers who all sent her Birthday messages via QT messaging was overwhelming.  She didn’t realize how appreciated she really was. Happy Birthday, Suzie!! 

Messaging inside working documents, and outside to say hi or wish someone a Happy Birthday. QuoteTool Messaging, for instant communication, trackability, and kind gestures. Save time, Save Money!  And have a Happy Birthday

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