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SMB one-stop shop, want, need, or myth?
By Kevin Joss |
So one stop shopping isn’t financially responsible, but it is both a business and consumer goal. So what is an SMB to do?
How Do You Communicate?
By Kevin Joss |
Our single point Network connects you together with all your team members, all of your suppliers and all of your customers in one place.
Are You Getting the Basics Right in Your Procurement Model?
By Kevin Joss |
We aren’t crazy enough to think that we can change the world, but if you ask us about procurement? That’s a different story.
How Much Does That Pen Cost?
By Kevin Joss |
Have you ever sat back and wondered what the pen on your desk costs? See how streamlining procurement can help.
Welcome to the 'NEW'
By Kevin Joss |
On behalf of all of us here at QuoteTool, we appreciate you signing up and are excited that you have decided to join us.